Solstice Splash

We invite you to take the plunge with us at either Greens Beach or Kingston Beach to celebrate the winter solstice and raise money to supply winter meals for Tasmanians doing it tough.


The Greens Beach event is at 8am on Sunday, June 19. The Kingston Beach splash is at 8am on Saturday, June 25.

Greens Beach, on the western side of the Tamar River where it meets the sea; is about 65km from either Launceston or Devonport. Head for York Town, Exeter or Beaconsfield.

Kingston Beach is 12km south of Hobart along the southern outlet.


Thousands of Tasmanians rely on Loaves and Fishes to provide free emergency food relief.

Swimming in cold water is supposed to be good for you.

Because we can!

The highest individual northern fundraiser will receive dinner for two to the value of $100 and a night's accommodation at Peppers Silo Hotel and Grain of the Silos Restaurant; the Kingston Beach winner will receive a night's accommodation at Wrest Point and a $100 dinner voucher. Note: Team totals will be divided by the number of team members to get a total for each individual.

What now

Register individually or as a team below and raise a minimum of $50 per splasher for the privilege of taking the plunge.

We will email you when your profile is live.

Use email and social media to get sponsors by linking to your profile.

All splashers get a free bacon and egg roll.

The splash is sponsored by Peppers Silo Hotel, Grain of the Silos Restaurant, Wrest Point Casino and Hotel, Launceston Surf Lifesaving Club, Kingston Surf Lifesaving Club, West Tamar Council, Chilli FM. LA FM, Kingborough Council, the Launceston Examiner.

Instructions for the day

Here's everything you need to know about the day of the swims.

Fine print

You must be able to swim.

Swimming attire is compulsory.

Wetsuits are frowned upon.

Those with medical conditions that may be exacerbated by swimming in cold water should consult their doctor before registering.

We recommend splashers come prepared for swimming in cold water. This article provides important information about preparing for the swim.

Funds raised will be used for free emergency food relief in Tasmania.

Donations are tax deductible.

St John Ambulance, Launceston Surf Lifesaving Club and Kingston Surf Lifesaving Club will provide water safety and first aid, however splashers take part at their own risk.

Swimmers and onlookers should not attend if experiencing COVID-like symptoms.


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Greens Beach

Register for the Solstice Splash at Greens Beach at 8am on Sunday, June 19.

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Kingston Beach

Register for the Kingston Beach splash at 8am on Saturday, June 25.

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