How can I contribute?

There are many ways people, organisations or businesses can be involved with helping Loaves & Fishes Tasmania to help others in Tasmania. You are welcome to come and volunteer in our kitchen, farmers and processors are encouraged to donate produce and individuals, shops and markets can donate smaller quantities of suitable food.

Even if you don’t think you can help with any of these, but would still like to support Loaves & Fishes Tasmania with their work, you can make a financial donation.


Would you, your school, business or community group like to contribute some time to help us help others?

School, businesses, community groups & individuals are welcome & are invited to find out how your participation not only helps others but builds team skills & learning about meal planning & food preparation.

Loaves & Fishes Give Financially
Give Financially

If you’d like to assist Loaves & Fishes Tasmania to make a difference in the lives of Tasmanian’s, but can’t contribute food, you can always contribute financially. You can donate funds or contact Loaves & Fishes Tasmania to lend your financial support in other ways.

Loaves & Fishes Tasmania is a registered charitable organisation & donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Loaves & Fishes Donate Produce
Give Produce

Loaves & Fishes Tasmania encourages farmers & growers to donate any excess seasonal produce to help our emergency food relief program.

Foods donated for this program are used to support people in the community with convenient & nutritious frozen pre-packaged meals, prepared under the supervision of a qualified chef & distributed by our services.

Loaves & Fishes Donate Produce
Give Food

Businesses of any size, as well as individuals, can contribute food to Loaves & Fishes Tasmania to be used in the preparation of frozen pre-packed meals. These meals will be distributed to those in need in our community throughout Tasmania.

Contact Loaves & Fishes Tasmania to find out if your donation is suitable for our needs.





Other Ways You Can Help

We always encourage farmers and growers to donate their excess produce, allowing us to supply the vulnerable in our community with convenient meals, work experience and training.

“Fruit & vegetable growers willingly donate their produce to help us provide raw food and nutritional meals to those in need in our community.”

Help make a local impact in your community today...

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