Our Mission

What are our programs?

Loaves & Fishes Tasmania has an extensive number of programs which run throughout the week helping those less fortunate in the community. We have multiple Youth Programs that support & mentor at-risk students who might just need some help through a tough period, in addition to emergency food relief packages for struggling individuals or in times of natural disasters.

Emergency Food Relief

We produce ready-to-eat meals for distribution to those in need as emergency food relief packages. These meals are stored & supplied to charitable organisations, soup kitchens, churches & food banks.

The packages are available as short term food relief during times of natural disasters, fires, floods & other emergencies that may occur.

Youth Programs

One of our main focuses is to help teens & young adults across Tasmania break the cycle of unemployment or poverty through mentoring, social engagement & training pathways, increasing their job opportunities & making them better equipped for a life of work.

Training pathways

We are working directly with TAFE, Drysdale College & other education providers to create multiple opportunities for at-risk teens, helping them to develop valuable work ethics & qualifications whilst giving back to the community.

Opportunities for at-risk youth

We are working with those who are at-risk or disengaged in society to become productive members of the community & re-engage in life in a meaningful way through direct mentoring & social engagement.

Employment pathways

Our employment pathways which are run with the involvement of business leaders across Tasmania allows us to help those at-risk or in need develop a strong work ethic & become better equipped for a life in the workforce .

Community Partnership

We are always looking for business leaders & volunteers who are wanting to make a positive impact on their community & help break the cycle of poverty & unemployment.

We have gotten this far alone, but if we are going to really change our communities for the better across Tasmania then we need everybody’s help, no matter how large or how small.

Help make a local impact in your community today...

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