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How We Got Started

An initiative of Devonport Chaplaincy, Loaves & Fishes Tasmania was established in 2017 to address the gap in the emergency food relief sector in Tasmania. This gap is the lack of access to ready-to-eat, nutritious meals for our community’s most vulnerable. Through consultation with the national Food Rescue organisation, SecondBite, a more localised solution addressing the issues of Emergency Food Relief in Tasmania was established. In July 2018 Loaves and Fishes Tasmania took over the Tasmanian operations of SecondBite. Building on the established work of SecondBite combining education, training, mentoring and food production, Loaves & Fishes Tasmania is a unique approach to addressing the issues of food insecurity in Tasmania.









Our Unique Approach

Loaves & Fishes Tasmania has a unique approach to how it engages and improves our community for the better, addressing unemployment and insecurity across Tasmania through our three key areas:


Every week, Loaves and Fishes Tasmania collects food from Tasmanian producers, supermarket’s and suppliers which would otherwise go to waste. It’s the communities who distribute, it’s the communities who work together providing real and holistic ways for struggling Tasmanians to get back on their feet.

Loaves and Fishes Tasmania works cooperatively with State and Federal Government to solve social issues. Every aspect of our organisation works in a considered and impactful way. Our production and distribution of food relief provides real jobs and education pathways.

Support Programs

We staff our kitchens with a combination of residents from the youth homeless facility and other programs supporting the long term unemployed, as well as local business, community members and leaders who are looking to make an impact in a young person’s life through the Devonport Chaplaincy Community Mentoring Program.

Our goal is to make it possible for those at-risk and disengaged in society to give back to the community and become better equipped for employment.

Tasmanian Products

We have a range of Tasmanian boutique sauces, jams and chutneys for sale both online and in specialist outlets. Loaves & Fishes Tasmania will ensure ongoing financial sustainability with all profits put back in to programs and services that directly benefit vulnerable Tasmanians.

Through the sale of our boutique products, all community members will have the opportunity to support Loaves & Fishes Tasmania simply through the purchase of our premium quality products and gain a more informed understanding of those socially excluded and at risk in the community.

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