Chloe Dodt

Work experience student, Ella Fielding, with the single-serve roast meals she has helped pack.

Students from the SPACE learning program are giving back to those in need and gaining important life skills by taking on the care of the Loaves and Fishes garden and helping in the kitchen.

Produce goes straight to the adjacent Devonport kitchen for use in our ready-to-eat-meals.

Several students from Devonport’s SPACE, which stands for Staged, Predictable, Adaptable, Connected and Enabled, have gained traineeships with Loaves and Fishes, while others are doing regular work experience in the kitchen.

“The Devonport Chaplaincy group has been with us from day one of the school, working with teachers and support workers to set up classrooms and workshops for the kids,” said Wade Symmons, program leader at the Devonport campus.

“Loaves and Fishes also delivers food daily which the kids use in our kitchen to cook meals to take home.

“We have seen some positive impact as a result of the influence of the chaplaincy group.

“There are mentors at the school every day of the week. They offer a positive adult role model who is able to help kids with woodwork, cooking, art, numeracy and literacy, as well as life skills.

“A couple of the mentors meet kids out of school for activities such as bushwalking, going into town, visiting the library to learn how to borrow books, and to generally widen the kids’ worldview.”

Main photo: Billy Barnes with the fruit of his labor in the Loaves and Fishes garden.