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Residents living in the State’s far North-East say they sleep easier and eat better thanks to meals and fresh produce from Loaves and Fishes Tasmania.

Clients of Dorset Community House, one of hundreds of Loaves and Fishes food partners, say the food creates a buffer against rising costs and unexpected bills.

Dorset Community House in Scottsdale provides food to up to 300 people a month. Demand for food relief has increased 50 percent in the past 12 months.

Pensioner “Don”, 72, said he has needed food relief since COVID.

He admits it was difficult to ask for help.

“I was shy at first, but it’s made a big difference,” he said.

“It means I can eat better and am able to afford vet and power bills.

“I particularly love the polenta slice, but also the stews and pasta dishes.”

A family of five from Bridport who are not on welfare payments, say cost-of-living increases including mortgage rates forced them to seek help late last year.

“It makes getting unexpected bills less scary for the family,” “Manley”, 37, said.

“We cut back as much as we could. We looked for food specials, made meals in bulk, stored leftovers and reduced waste.

“We received a little help from family before a friend recommended the community house.

“We were apprehensive at first about asking for help.

“The meals are great freezer fillers.”

Another family of three, who do not receive any form of welfare payments, first needed help when COVID hit.

As with other clients, they blame cost-of-living increases for needing food.

“Getting food frees up money for other expenses,” “Flake”, 31, said.

“We first started getting some veggies but then started getting the Loaves and Fishes meals.

“There are some strange combos, but all-in-al they are rather good.”

*Pseudonyms used to protect the privacy of clients.

By Paul O’Rourke

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