Published On: 20 March 2024Categories: Stories

Message from
Andrew Hillier, CEO:

The Tasmanian Food Security Coalition collaborates to address food insecurity in Tasmania. Below is a press release outlining the commitments made by political parties participating in the upcoming Tasmanian State election. 

Loaves and Fishes Tasmania remains committed to the ambitious goal of eradicating food insecurity across Tasmania. We understand the magnitude of this vision and recognise that achieving it requires a collaborative approach, we will never achieve it alone.

These things are important for us right now:

Immediate Action: Presently, approximately 120,000 Tasmanians face daily struggles accessing food. Despite resource constraints, we are resolute in addressing this urgent issue promptly, refusing to pass it on to future generations.

Collaboration: Recognising that tackling food insecurity demands a collective effort, we aim to empower local communities to support one another and enhance their food resilience. Our objective is to facilitate access to necessary resources while avoiding the creation of dependency.

Nutrition Priority: We refuse to accept the idea that poor people should settle for poor-quality food. It’s imperative we also shift away from unhealthy processed foods and embrace Tasmania’s abundant fresh produce. We also emphasise providing education and skills to help people prepare and enjoy nutritious meals. As an organisation we will be investing into this  and working closely with our great partners like Eat Well Tasmania and School Food Matters to achieve this.

Drawing from our extensive experience across various sectors, including school lunch programs, community food initiatives, and communal dining projects, we recognise the transformative impact of prioritising these principles.

Together, we can work towards a future where every Tasmanian has access to fresh, nutritious, and wholesome food options.

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